Tobago Island Trinidad & Tobago Online Travel Guide

Mount Irvine Bay
This bay is split into 2 sections with a narrow section that can disappear at high tide linking the 2. The sea is usually calm and good for swimming and snorkeling. Beach facilities with change rooms and cabanas are available at Mt. Irvine Beach.

Back Bay
Back Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in Tobago, but due to the isolated nature of the beach, access to the beach involves a bit of a careful hike down the cliffs. Back Bay is a small, quiet secluded beach with good bodysurfing waves.

Grafton Beach
This is an attractive stretch of sand beach serviced by Le the Grafton Beach Resort. The north side of the beach can be the calmest & offers reasonable snorkeling. But you are advised to stay near shore due to some powerful waves.

Great Courland Bay
Any of the side streets in Black Rock Village will take you down to the southern end of Great Courland Bay's beaches The waters are calm, giving guests the perfect spot for a refreshing dip, or maybe even the chance to try out a new watersport

Turtle Beach
Still in Great Courland Bay, on the northern coast, famous Turtle Beach is a mile-long sandy, sloping beach. Turtle Beach is the best place to see Leatherback turtles laying eggs and their resultant hatchlings, during the season

Pigeon Point, Crown Point
Pigeon Point, Crown Point is one of Tobago?s most famous beaches, a white-sand idyll. There is an entrance fee of TT$18, which allows access to a restaurant and bar, thatch-shaded seating areas, and changing rooms .

Man 'o' War Bay, Charlotteville
A beach facility with change rooms is available. This bay is quite good for swimming. The English named it ?Man 'o' War Bay because of its sheltered anchorage for Men of War and sailing ships of those times.

King's Bay
A sheltered horseshoe bay, the calm, warm water make the bay good for swimming, and is shaded by coconut trees with an excellent dark sand beach. Good facilities, including showers, lifeguards and shaded cabanas.

Canoe Bay
The Canoe Bay is shallow, calm and well sheltered. It was called Canoe Bay by English mariners.The predominance of artifacts in the area denotes the existence of a large settlement of Amerindians there many years ago.

Stonehaven Beach
Golden sands lead to gorgeous blue waters that are great for swimming and riding the surf. The endangered giant Leatherback turtle comes ashore between March and June to lay their eggs which will hatch around three months later.

Buccoo Bay
A long narrow white sand beach protected by famous Buccoo Reef. The swimming is good here at Buccoo Bay and the beach invariably deserted. The beach becomes very narrow at high tide. A small beach bar and toilet facilities are available.

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