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The small fishing village of Charlotteville resides on the northeastern end of Tobago, facing the beautiful Man-O-War Bay. The area remains quiet and unspoiled by crowds of tourists, and those who know it refer to it as "the Caribbean's best kept secret." Welcoming people, beautiful weather, and a tranquil atmosphere make Charlotteville the perfect spot for a low-key getaway.

First settled in 1633, the area's economy evolved mainly by trade through the Man-O-War Habor and local sugar plantations. The economy now sustains itself by fishing - the area alone brings in over half of Tobago's supply. Those who dislike seafood may want to consider bringing their own meals - fish is the cuisine du jour here, always fresh and delicious right from the water.

Don't expect to find huge luxury hotels in Charlotteville - they are completely non-existent. The small town features only a few basic stores and restaurants. For those who wish to purchase additional supplies, a bus runs trips back and forth to Scarborough. Rent one of the small available cottages or apartments, and enjoy the easygoing pace of life away from the bustling cities. The sense of peaceful isolation melts worries and sends visitors back to a simpler time.

For those who enjoy the water, Man-O-War Bay consists of a large stretch of sandy beach that never becomes crowded. On-duty lifeguards, changing facilities, and calm waters make this an ideal spot for swimming or tanning. For snorkeling and diving, take a short trek across the north side of Charlotteville to Pirate's Bay, a sheltered area with beautiful reefs for exploration. Don't forget to take in the surrounding rainforests, abundant with native plant and animal life.

Come to Charlotteville to escape the grind of modern life, and take pleasure in the simple joys of this tiny village - the sun, the sand, and the smiles of the people. Any worries will vanish the moment visitors set foot on this tiny Caribbean getaway!

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