Tobago Island Trinidad & Tobago Online Travel Guide

Come to Scarborough, located on the island of Tobago, and find a laid back city featuring historical sights and unique local shopping. While the city doesn’t share the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Port of Spain, it remains busy by Tobago’s standards – holding roughly a third of the entire island population, it owns a charm and style all of its own.

The Dutch first settled the city in 1654, and it went on to witness a violent history as the Dutch, French, and English battled for its possession. Fort King George remains perhaps the most popular landmark in Scarborough today, a remnant of these tumultuous times. The area now holds a historical museum, the ruins of Fort King George itself, and a beautiful park. Take in a little piece of Scarborough’s colorful history, and don’t forget to enjoy the breathtaking views of the town and harbor from the top of the hill.

Today, Scarborough functions as the main port for the entire island, with a deep-water harbor for ships and a ferry service that runs back and forth from Port of Spain, Trinidad.

Explore the nearby marketplace for food and crafts unique to Tobago, and bring back a special souvenir for memories of your time in the sun. Nature lovers can’t miss the local botanical gardens, with over 17 acres of local and exotic plant life. With each point of interest so close to the next, visitors travel easily on foot – in fact, many prefer it as their method of transportation. Don’t expect a busy nightlife here, but the area does contain a few restaurants and bars, perfect for enjoying good food with friends. If you make your way through all of the sights in Scarborough, beautiful beaches reside only a short distance away, one of the advantages to vacationing on a small island.

Be sure to visit Scarborough for an enjoyable atmosphere of shopping, exploring, and taking in beautiful views in this far corner of the Caribbean!

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